To step beyond music

To step beyond music Music has not outgrown itself, but has it stepped into an extra-musical realm?

There has been so much written about the language of music and comparing music to language; example – Language is a set of symbols used to signify concrete things and abstract concepts. So, is it the same with music? The chances are yes, because music and language do similar things.

However, has the music of today stepped beyond music? If you had lived around the 1700s, you probably could have asked yourself the same question, or of any period really, because music has always developed, but there’s usually been a common denominator, and that’s musical notation.

If you could take a score of Peter Sculthorpe’s music back to the 17th century, the rank and file musician would have been able to play most of it. But, could the same be said for a score of American composer George Crumb, or Australian composer Katia Beaugeais? I don’t think so; their music is of an extra-musical realm.

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