The Greatest Sorrow

BAROQUE music can instantly transform you into another era, and its capacity to make any situation tranquil is like no other style of music.
Adhoc Baroque is a Canberra-based ensemble performing well and lesser-known music from the baroque repertoire. The performers were, Greta Claringbould, soprano, Maartje Sevenster, mezzo-soprano, Lauren Davis and Michelle Higgs, violins, Rachael Walker, viola da gamba, Clara Teniswood on cello with Peter Young playing the organ and he directed.

Maartje Sevenster, who is also an astrophysicist among other things, opened the concert by singing the” Crucifixion and death of our saviour Jesus Christ” by Alessandro Stradella. Its gentle nature fitted perfectly with a slow warm Sunday afternoon. Sevenster blended effortlessly with the tone of the instruments and her voice stood out when it needed to in a well-controlled and pleasing performance. “I saw you weeping bitterly at Jesus’ feet”, by George Philipp Telemann, sung by Greta Claringbould is a cant…

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