Defying Empire

At the media preview of “Defying Empire”, Tina Baum, the NGA Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, said it took over two years to put this exhibition together.
This show brings together a range of diverse artists from across Australia, Baum said. There are painters, glass artists, weavers, artists who work with fabric, multimedia artists and a variety of visual storytellers in this exhibition.
Putting this together has taught Baum a lot about the way the artists practice their art. She also became infused with energy from meeting so many varied and exciting artists.
While having worked on other Triennials, Baum said this was a great honour for her as this is the first time she had led the Triennial as the curator. Getting the balance between the artists and the art right, and finding emerging and established artists, then blending their artworks to form an exhibition like this takes a great drive and commitment.
Baum also said that this show is important for indigenous…

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