Artwork Ideas For Your Home

Buying an artwork for the first time can be daunting. This article will help you get over the hurdle of where to begin. Your budget will answer many questions for you, like framed or unframed, under glass, print, original, or to buy on-line or at a gallery.

When you are ready to start buying art for your home, talk to people who have artworks in their home, they will have probably gone through what you are about to. Talk to dealers, go to galleries, talk to artists, go on-line and see what’s available. Survey your market, but start small, get the feel of the art in your home.

You will have an idea of what you do and don’t like, let this be your guide throughout the buying process. Let’s assume you have set your budget and you are ready to get out into the market and see what is available, you could ask yourself these questions first.

  • Do I choose to buy on-line, at a gallery, in a shop or directly from the artist?

  • What format - painting, sculpture, photography, multi-media, drawing?

  • What style - abstract, pop art, realism, postmodernism, minimalism?

  • What subject - portrait, landscape, body art, still life, nature, nudes?

  • What medium - watercolour, oil, print, pen and ink, pencil, etching, lithograph?

  • Alternatively, forget these questions and go with what you like.

Artwork Ideas For Your Home

A bold contemporary artwork like this one titled, Wheeled Dog, 2010 by Mai Nguyen-Long, might be best suited to a modern home. It’s a Papier-mâché and mixed media construction, which could become a focal point of your home.

Mai has a variety of formats on her website, including drawings and paintings. She has exhibited widely around Australia and held solo exhibitions overseas.

Placing a work like this in your home, you will need to consider some things, like the light. Strong sunlight is not suitable for viewing artworks and sunlight should never fall directly onto a work.

Don’t even think about cleaning an artwork. If you value your art, talk to an expert conservator when and if an artwork needs to be cleaned.

An artist who knows quite a deal about art in homes is Vivian Falk, she is also an Archibald finalist. Vivian says about her art, ”I aim for all of my works to bring colour and enjoyment into the owner’s home”.

Artwork Ideas For Your Home

This work is part of a series titled Art Books, you can well imagine where an oil painting like this might go in your home, but you don’t have to do predictable things with artworks. Sometimes the more they are out of context the better they will work. Within the wide variety of styles in art, you will find a work that is suitable for every room of your home, especially contemporary art.

The answer to where you can place an artwork in your home is open-ended, be daring, show your family and friends how original you can be.