Canberra International Music Festival had its launch at the National Museum of Australia (NMA), Tuesday 14, Feb, Valentine's Day. There was lots of love at the launch of the program. But, there was more a feeling of excitement and transformation to this aptly titled festival — Revolution.

The idea for the theme of this year's festival is to coincide with the Russian Revolution of 1917. It also highlights revolutions political, social and musical. The amazing Roland Peelman who headed up the Song Company for 25 years and is now the artistic director of the Canberra International Music Festival came up with the theme. You can see Roland below laughing with an audience member at the after-party.

Roland Peelman

The launch included a lively and entertaining song from the Luminescence Chamber Singers. Then a talk from the photographer Will Yang about his involvement with and connection to the event titled, Harvest of Endurance, A scroll and a concert. The Harvest of Endurance is a 50-metre scroll housed at the NMA. We were lucky enough to get a video preview of this amazing work of art and to hear about its history. A concert, surely not to be missed.

The 22 concerts will take place between 27 April - 7 May 2017 at venues across Canberra. Concerts include local and international groups and musicians. Several will be broadcasted on ABC Classic FM, and others aired on ArtSoundFM. We can't wait.