The Beautiful Sound of the Recorder – Really!

The sound of the recorder has put a spell on me In the mid-1980 one of my music teachers was the composer and recorder player Ian Shanahan. I once asked him why the recorder? His reply still rings true today. “No one ever told me that the recorder wasn’t a musical instrument”. 
Having only been a “player”, I use that word lightly, for a few years, I was immediately hooked on the velvety, luxurious sound that can be produced, if you try. The diversity of the music that can be made seems to be endless. Multiphonics, the lowest note to the highest, and when you overblow the sound possibilities grow exponentially. Then there are flutter-tonguing, harmonics, syllabic articulations, the list goes on. And you can create reasonably dynamic (volume) variations if you try.
I get the feeling that most recorder players do not like or pay much attention to dynamic marking; I wish they would. What a practiced recorder player can do with volume changes can make a large difference to the overall qual…

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