How About Other People's Rights?

Other People's Rights

Today, copyright laws are a good place to start when talking about other people's rights.

A large part of the public mindset today is, if it's on the internet, I can freely use it. I'm sure the people who think like that would be the first to complain if I took something of theirs and did whatever I liked with it. You can see the importance of other people's rights.

The Australian government and most governments have an abundance of information and laws concerning people's rights. Here's the link for the Aussie info.

None of these laws covering human rights are good enough

It's up to us to create and protect our rights, and other people's rights too. We can begin to do this by making educated choices when voting. If you know that a party is going to lock free people up for perusing their right of freedom, don't vote for them. Of course, this is just one issue when it comes to electing a government. Albeit a very important one. Just know, one day, you may be in a similar situation, and when some government wants to lock you up you will have wished you helped protect the rights of others earlier.

Current Attorney-General for Australia famously said, "people do have a right to be a bigot". He never said people have a right to be free of bigotry. Uneducated people like Brandis, clearly demonstrate what is wrong with some kinds of supposed "liberal" thinking.

You may be thinking, "how can I call Brandis uneducated?". The answer is educated people care about other people, educated people develop empathy through their learning and reading, they also have a high degree of understanding. For anyone to state what Brandis did, show he cares little about other people's rights. He cares about his point of view and making sure its heard. This is the last thing you want any politician to be like or think like. Because eventually if left unchecked, they will get around to distorting the world to their uneducated view. Especially if you keep voting them into government.

GetUp could be the answer

For us to help create people's rights, we need to support causes that follow our view of the rights of people. We also need to start causes if they don't exist, and there are many that need to be initiated. We need to get involved in groups like GetUp, who do amazing work based on pressing issues raised by their members. If you can't get involved, slip them a few dollars.

I support the Red Cross; I see them as the most effective institute to help people in need. But they are a secondary method for growing human rights. The primary methods are, getting into parliament where you can do something about rights. As an independent, you will pull much more weight and get your voice heard better than in any of the standard parties. Support causes and groups who work towards better human rights. Write about human rights, show all your friends and followers.

Amnesty International have been helping to protect human rights since 1961. They are a great place to start to learn more about how to protect you and other people's rights. Here's a list of books from them on human rights. Ten great books on human rights.

You know your rights that need to highlighted, improved and brought into the public sphere. By listening to people you will find out their rights that need to be supported, and you can help them. Then we will all have equal rights, no matter what path we travel.