Does a well-written book read like good SEO?

Does a well-written book read like good SEO?

Who spends more time making their writing correct?

Is it a novelist or a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist? And, does a well-written book read like good SEO?

If you’ve ever written a novel, or performed SEO on a website to optimise it for search engines, you will know how similar the processes are. There are many points that a novelist and an SEO specialist should consider when writing.

Write to an audience

Everyone should be writing to an audience. To do this you will need to know a lot about them. One way of doing this is test your writing against the Flesch–Kincaid ease of readability and grade level tests. Microsoft Word can already do this for you.

Correctly structure your sentences

Make sure your sentences are not too long. 20 words per sentence is considered about right for websites and emails. A little bit longer for novels is acceptable.

A sentence, like a story, will have a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning is the subject (person, thing), the middle is the verb (an action, state or incident) and the end is the object, (the person or thing that receives the action of the verb).

Of course, there is more than one style of a sentence; simple, compound and complex. Look them up to see the difference.

Headings and subheadings

Name your headings and chapters in a book to let your readers know what is about to happen. I feel that numbers just don’t cut it anymore. An interesting, well-crafted heading or chapter name will add so much to the context and enjoyment of the story.

Use minimal passive voice

It’s suggested that no more than 10% passive voice in writing for the web is about right. For a novel, it depends on many things, but less passive voice makes for sharper, more interesting writing. Also, passive voice can be unclear. An active voice engages the reader more.

Keep paragraphs to about 300 words

You will lose people if your paragraphs are overly long. You will also lose the meaning and context. Try to keep paragraphs to around 300 words. Then try altering the length of them to break up that block text look and feel.

Each sentence and paragraph should transition well

One of the key elements to any writing is getting it to flow correctly. There are transition words like, and, another, because and finally. And, there are transition sentences. They will connect the two paragraphs together to keep the text flowing.

A well-written book will read like good SEO

SEO and novel-writing have all these things in common. Adding these suggestions in your article or novel will make it much more readable and enjoyable. If you can't do it, get your writing edited by a professional editor or an SEO specialist.