What style of art do you most identify with?

What style of art do you most identify with?

Do you think someone could judge your personality by the style of art you like?

If you’ve ever done the Rorschach Test to measure your psychological personality, it supposedly tells you what sort of character you are. Such as, “If you were of a criminal mind you would most likely commit the following offense”, I got gambling. Didn’t know that was an offense.

It can also guess at what profession you are best suited to and even what sort of books you like. Both were wrong in my case. An interesting fact is that the Rorschach Test is a visual assessment, which shows you the power of visuals.

What style of art do you most identify with?

Can a preference for a style of art reveal a lot about you?

If you are an artist, you will have a specific style. Almost no artist paints in an array of genres or styles. Such as figurative, landscapes, abstract, realism, surrealism and also produces conceptual art. A life is simply not long enough to create acceptable artworks in all these forms and styles.

But as an art lover, we can admire every form, if we want. A quick measure of our colleague’s artistic loves and dislikes at Arts Reporter gave us a wide-variety of answers.

The style of art you most identify with can say a lot about the things you like

But, will it say anything about the type of person you are? Art lovers and artists usually favour one style over another. This may mean something, but what? There are a few online sites that can tell you what style of art you like based on certain criteria. Try this one. http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_kind_of_art_do_you_like

This one will test to find the sort of personality you have based upon the artworks you like. http://personality-testing.info/tests/APS/

Let us know if you agree with the results or not

But, don’t put too much stock in these tests; we are very unsure about their accuracy and perspective. Art lovers and artists come in all manner of temperaments and personalities.

We all know the story of that German art student who failed his entrance exam at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts in October 1907. Look what he turned out to be.

What style of art do you most identify with?

As with most things, if you like one style, you will dislike another

Love jazz, don’t like electronic dance music. Love classical, probably don’t like heavy metal. Have a penchant for pointillism, but hate cubism? This probably defines you more than anything else. Your likes and dislikes certainly say a lot to others about you.

Telling some people, you like country music can ignite apoplexy in the person standing in front of you. Or saying you adore the music of Gy├Ârgy Ligeti (28 May 1923 – 12 June 2006), who was a Hungarian composer of very “interesting” music, might make a person pull their hair out upon hearing that.

What style of art do you most identify with?

Gestural abstraction is a favourite of the editor here, he openly admits it. Even in polite company. He says that it gives him a sense of freedom and makes him feel alive. The Australian artist, Peter Upward (1932 – 1983) who painted a lot in this style is his favourite painter.

Some people say that Upward wasn’t a painter at all, he just produced big black splotches. Whatever you say about the style of art you most identify with, someone will disagree. So, love whatever art you want to. No matter how it defines you. But, do it with passion. Invest in that art, write about it and promote it.

Don’t worry, there will be a new art form come along soon. Another form we can pick apart and hate and love with all our gusto. One you’ve been waiting to identify with.