What will painting be like in 100 years?

What will painting be like in 100 years?

Technology is changing everything

The concept of how music is made today is nothing like it was 100 years ago, but will painting go the way of music?

How can that happen you ask? Do we have digital brushes and digital paint? Yes, we do. They are in Photoshop and other design programs. But you only look at them on a screen you say. No. They can be printed out onto canvas, and a wide variety of other materials, or made into a hologram.

Artists have been creating digital works for many years. Not a lot of digital artworks get in traditional galleries, but what about when holograms and virtual intelligence become more available and effective? Will we one day see art galleries that contain no physical artworks?

The art gallery of the future

Imagine this. Walking into an art space where every image is a hologram or a virtual experience. What will it be like? Would it be like looking at a large screen or some weird wavy image hanging in mid-air? It might be.

But why would you need to go to a gallery at all if you can experience the art world at home in your headset? Yes, there’s nothing like being there in the presence of a moving artwork that you have loved and admired for years. But we seemed to have mostly got over those feelings when it comes to movies, music, books, games and many other traditional mediums.

What if human artists do not exist in the future?

Could it even be thinkable that computers, artificial intelligence, and robots would do all the painting in 100 years? We may already be moving in that direction. At McGill University’s School of Computer Science in Canada, Professor Paul Kry and his team have developed a drone that can paint onto canvas.


Like most things in their baby stages, this looks kind of primitive. But so were the telegraph, the record player, and the printing press when they were first designed; look at what they developed into.

The process of art will continue to change the more we develop our technologies. The artwork at the beginning of this article is created by an artist who goes by the name of AZDude. His online gallery shows you more of what’s possible with digital art.

Digital or analogue art?

Nothing will ever replace a human artist you say. I used to believe that once, but no longer. The digital future will change what we know about how to create art.

I don’t think that future artists will be trying to recreate the artworks of the past. Most do not do this today, so expect more and more change in the process and the style of art in the future.

What is possible today with digital art will seem like child's play in the future. We only need look at the advancements in computers to know this.

Artists of the future will use the tools and the mediums of their time. They will create stimulating and effective artworks that will move millions. No matter what the format, style, process or the technology behind it, that is what artists have always done and always will. Be it a human or machine artist.